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Heidi Lindén.
Creator \ Director.

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2023     Educational Video of Life  (comedy)  80 min,  Writers on the Block  (film, writer, producer)
2023     Henry's Story (psychological thriller) 85 min, Writers on the Block (writer) 
2022     Your Line is Busy  (comedy)  8 x 10 min,  ZonaVision  (series, original idea, director)

2022     Push  (crime)  10 min,  Birch St Studios  (series pilot, original idea, director)

2022     Drowning in Sunshine  (comedy)  20 min,  Inhabit Entertainment  (film, co-producer)

2020     I’m every woman  5 min,  Birch St Studios  (music video, director)

2019     Queen of Cannes  (comedy)  7 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     Cocktail Hour  (comedy)  5 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     Cowboy  (drama)  7 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     Hän  (drama)  6 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     Ghosting  (comedy)  5 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     Kissbook  (comedy)  4 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     I love cheating  (comedy)  4 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2018     Remember me, please  (mystery)  50 min,  Aalto University & YLE  (film, director)

2018     Maidens of the Prison  (sketch comedy)  120 min,  Linna Theatre  (stage play, director)

2017     Playtime  (drama)  10 min,  Siro Creative & YLE  (series pilot, director)

2016     Täg me in Tinder  (comedy)  20 min,  Avenue A Production  (film, writer-director)     
             WON MAIN PRIZE /Artova Film Festival 

2016     Film Forever  (drama)  4 min,  American Picture Company (film, co-producer) 

2016     Pakko vähä avautuu,  10 min,  Lucy Loves Drama & Telia  (series pilot, director)

2015     My heart  (drama)  2 min,  Hasan & Partners  (film, writer-director)

2014     Collection  (scifi)  7 min,  Avenue A Production & ELO  (pilot, original idea, director)

2014     66 cigarettes  (comedy)  20 min,  Avenue A Production & YLE  (film, writer-director)

2014     Premiere  (thriller)  20 min,  Aalto University  (film, co-writer-director)

2013     So Long Henry  (comedy)  20 min,  Avenue A Production (film, writer-director)

2012     Indebted  (crime)  93 min,  Outline Studios  (film, co-producer)

             WON BEST DEBUT AWARD /London Film Festival 

*All films from 2019 are both independent short stories but belong to a series of a larger episodic theme 


**Worked as a commercial director years 2015-2021

***Clients include: L’oréal, Ikea, Nordea, American express, Lidl, X-factor, Durex, Veet, Scholl, Spotify, Strepsils, Stockmann, Klarna, Giganten, Radio Aalto, Kinder, Läkerol, Finnish Church Aid, Finnvera, Coca-Cola, Finnish Lottery...


Heidi L.
Featured Work
Creator \ Director

Heidi Lindén (MA film director \ producer, Aalto University) has worked in various roles in the film and television industry over 10 years. Her work include a wide range of stage plays, series and films for i.e. Helsinki City Theatre and the largest audio visual distributors in Finland + Netflix. Films written by Lindén have been distributed and awarded at several international film festivals, and she is also a published writer. 


Much of Lindén's job description in each production has been defined by a prevailing phenomena /trend of the time or a current problem affecting society at large. The style of narration and genres have varied over a wide spectrum from documentary to fiction, moving from naturalism to genres such as horror and sketch comedy.


+358 50 544 2500 (Scandinavia)

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