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Heidi Lindén.

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2022     Your Line is Busy  (comedy)  8 x 10 min,  ZonaVision  (series, original idea, director)

2022     Push  (crime)  10 min,  Birch St Studios  (series pilot, original idea, director)

2022     Drowning in Sunshine  (comedy)  20 min,  Inhabit Entertainment  (film, co-producer)

2020     I’m every woman  5 min,  Birch St Studios  (music video, director)

2019     Queen of Cannes  (comedy)  7 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     Cocktail Hour  (comedy)  5 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     Cowboy  (drama)  7 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     Hän  (drama)  6 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     Ghosting  (comedy)  5 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     Kissbook  (comedy)  4 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2019     I love cheating  (comedy)  4 min,  Birch St Studios  (film, director)

2018     Remember me, please  (mystery)  50 min,  Aalto University & YLE  (film, director)

2018     Maidens of the Prison  (sketch comedy)  120 min,  Linna Theatre  (stage play, director)

2017     Playtime  (drama)  10 min,  Siro Creative & YLE  (series pilot, director)

2016     Täg me in Tinder  (comedy)  20 min,  Avenue A Production  (film, writer-director)     
             WON MAIN PRIZE /Artova Film Festival 

2016     Film Forever  (drama)  4 min,  American Picture Company (film, co-producer) 

2016     Pakko vähä avautuu,  10 min,  Lucy Loves Drama & Telia  (series pilot, director)

2015     My heart  (drama)  2 min,  Hasan & Partners  (film, writer-director)

2014     Collection  (scifi)  7 min,  Avenue A Production & ELO  (pilot, original idea, director)

2014     66 cigarettes  (comedy)  20 min,  Avenue A Production & YLE  (film, writer-director)

2014     Premiere  (thriller)  20 min,  Aalto University  (film, co-writer-director)

2013     So Long Henry  (comedy)  20 min,  Avenue A Production (film, writer-director)

2012     Indebted  (crime)  93 min,  Outline Studios  (film, co-producer)

             WON BEST DEBUT AWARD /London Film Festival 

*All films from 2019 are both independent short stories but belong to a series of a larger episodic theme 


**Worked as a commercial director years 2015-2021

***Clients include: L’oréal, Ikea, Nordea, American express, Lidl, X-factor, Durex, Veet, Scholl, Spotify, Strepsils, Stockmann, Klarna, Giganten, Radio Aalto, Kinder, Läkerol, Finnish Church Aid, Finnvera, Coca-Cola, Finnish Lottery...


Heidi L.
Featured Work

Heidi Lindén (MA film director, Aalto University) has worked in various roles in the film and television industry over 10 years. Her work include a wide range of stage plays, series and films for i.e. Helsinki City Theatre and the largest audio visual distributors in Finland + Netflix. Films written by Lindén have been distributed and awarded at several international film festivals, and she is also a published writer. 


Much of Lindén's job description in each production has been defined by a prevailing phenomena /trend of the time or a current problem affecting society at large. The style of narration and genres have varied over a wide spectrum from documentary to fiction, moving from naturalism to genres such as horror and sketch comedy.


+358 50 544 2500 (Scandinavia)

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